Interview: Tor Miller


Jedno od naših omiljenih i, ako smemo da kažemo, najboljih otkrića ove godine je svakako mladi pevač/autor Tor Miler. Koristimo svaku priliku da ga hvalimo i verovatno već svi znate da nam je jedan od miljenika iz rubrike Introducing (ako ne i najveći miljenik!), tako da u suštini uvod nije ni potreban – sve već znate. Ukoliko ste kojim slučajem promašili naš post o njemu i niste ga do sada slušali, učinite to odmah.
Elem, da ne dužimo više, evo intervjua koji smo uradili sa (vrlo ljubaznim!) Torom.

What’s your story with music? When did you realise that music is what you want to do in life?

I moved  from New York to New Jersey right before High school. But for half of the first year in Jersey I was still commuting to school in New York, so my mom bought me some records to keep me entertained during the ride. She bought me “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars” and “Elton John Greatest Hits”. Those records blew my mind. I then started taking piano lessons, started writing and singing and never looked back.

Do you remember the first song you’ve ever written? If you do, what was it about?

Yeah it was this song called Crazy. I wrote it for a girl who used to take horseback riding lessons on the farm I lived on and I wrote this song sort of professing my love to her and how she should dump her boyfriend and get with me. Didn’t go so well, she ran out of the house crying…

When it comes to writing music, what inspires you the most? Is it, let’s say, literature or any other form of art, or is it maybe personal experience and your everyday life?

I think I am most inspired by personal experience and human interaction. I write about the people around me, my life and theirs. There is always a piece of me in every song I write though, no matter the subject of the song.

Considering the fact that you’re really young (we’re the same age, actually!) – could you maybe tell us what’s it like for a young artist that’s trying to “make it out there” in the music industry – is it difficult? And do you think that ability to share your music on the internet is of much assistance to young musicians?

I say now more then ever it is easier for artists to get their music heard. The internet has definitely helped me get to where I am now and hopefully push me way further into the music industry. Post your music, make it free, and if it’s good people will pay attention.

Can we maybe expect a new EP or maybe an album from you soon?

I will have a couple of singles floating around at the beginning of this coming year!

Okay, I just have to ask you this – you’re blessed with an incredibly awesome name. What’s the story behind it? Are your parents fans of norse mythology or is it something else?

My mom is Swedish and my dad wanted me to have a Scandinavian name. It was between Tor or Magnus.

And last, but not least – our sort of signature sign are top 5 lists – every time we interview somebody, we ask them to choose their top 5 for a specific subject. And since we’re currently in a really Christmas-y mood, can you maybe choose your top 5 Christmas movies?

A Christmas Story

The Night Before Christmas


The Muppets Christmas Carol

Bad Santa


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