Interview: Laurel

Nakon što smo toliko puta pisali o njoj, ovoga puta smo uspeli i da malo popričamo sa mladom Laurel koja trenutno u Londonu snima svoj prvi album. Prvo nas je oduševila sa Next Time, a potom su usledile Blue Blood i Mankind, a poslednji put nas je hipnotisala pesmom Fire Breather (B-side The Desert) koje sve možete poslušati na njenom Soundcloud-u.Laurel smo uvrstili i u naše  Best new acts of 2013, i svakako je je jedan od najzanimljivijih izvođača koji su se pojavili prošle godine.

First of all, I noticed you sound really mature in your songs considering your age (we’re the same age actually, and this is a compliment!), but for someone so young, lyrics are, in a way, written in a more “grown up” way (I couldn’t believe you’re only 18,19). Do you write your lyrics, if so (and i suppose the answer is yes), is it something you feel at that moment, current situation or something from a personal experience in the past, or maybe both?

Yes, I write my lyrics! I have written and and produced 100 percent of my music that is currently online. Lyrics are for me my favourite and most important part of a song. I want my music to show in stories, a lot of my lyrics are quite specific because I love the detail of all the literal every day things that happen to me. Like in ‘Mankind’ it says ‘take me to the pictures, wine and dine’ they are mostly all true stories.

Also, since I already told you that I think you sound a lot older, does that have anything to do with influences on your music? As a matter of fact, tell me what artist have been significant for your work, maybe if someone inspired you?

If  my lyrics sound more mature than my age that is probably down to my love for poetry. I love the way the poet will describe things in a less obvious way to how you might usually say something. For my musical influences I have always loved folk musicLaura Marling and Johnny Flynn as two of my favourites. They both also have very detailed lyrics I think.

Since, I mentioned “influences”, this is the question I was gonna avoid, but it’s the question that’s inevitable: your music drew many comparisons to Lana Del Rey’s (I think I even read couple of times “UK’s Lana Del Rey”), how do you comment that, and did Lana have any influence on your music?

I actually really love Lana so of course it will come out in my music, I hope that my music is more than a comparison to hers. But I don’t mind the comparison as I and any other girl will always be put alongside other female artists, I have also been compared to many others. As long as these people are credible and make good music I really don’t mind.

I suppose you are currently working on a new album, so can you tell me something about that: what’s it about, the whole process about making it in a one whole thing, what inspired you, maybe when is it coming out (not the date of course, but maybe first or the second half of this year) etc?

Yes! It is actually sounding really cool at the moment. I just put a 24piece strings section on the first half of the songs which was such an amazing experience I want to to sound like a collective piece of work so I am taking the time to make sure it all sounds pretty and perfect. I can’t say when it will be released but by pure guessing I would estimate the latter of the year.

How do people react to your music, what was your favourite gig, and how does performing in front of other people help you grow as an artist?

I’ve performed since I was 14 so I love being on stage, it gives me such a buzz. Sharing your music with a crowd and watching their reaction is amazing. My favourite show was November, I supported MSMR, one of my favourite duos, at Shepherds Bush Empire – a venue I have always dreamed of playing.

At last, Top 5 lists are our signature sign (we ask everyone we interview to choose top 5 for sth): since it’s January, can you maybe tell me your Top 5 songs you like to listen when it’s winter time?

1.The ShiversKissesthis is my ultimate favourite song, and the name even reflects the English weather at the moment!
2. Florence and The MachineShake It Out : this gets me up when it’s freezing cold in the morning and reminds me it won’t be freezing forever!
3. Laura MarlingCrawled Out of the Sea
4. JungleDrops
5. BANKSWaiting Game


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