Interview: Eyedress


Polako nam se približava Electronic Beats festival u Zagrebu (info ovde), u okviru kog će 8. novembra nastupiti Patrick Wolf, Erlend Oye, ali i Eyedress, jedno od novih imena muzike koji je pristao da porazgovara sa nama. Od odbijanja vize, otkazivanja turneje, preko EPa i streama do omiljenih filmova – predstavljamo ovog talentovanog muzičara.


You decided to stream your EP after your visa was denied, was that some kind of protest or what? Do you have problem in general with streaming services (like some musicians do), or do you think it helps one’s music to be heard by larger number of audience?

 I decided to post EP because I was denied of a visa, yes. And I did it because I felt bad about canceling my tour. It wasn’t an act of protest but actually an idea my little brother came up with. 
Don’t have any problems with streaming. I kind of grew up in a time where the internet made music more available via downloading and obscure blogs so I think that it’s great that music can just be available wherever you’re from…but I’m also a snob and hate when everyone starts listening to my faves so that sucks like before there was CDs and you still had that relationship with the physical form and now it’s like music is just fed to you wether it be from a popular and well known source most of the time it’s legitimate but I don’t know anymore the internet gives everyone a voice so it’s really hard to distinguish.

What was the process behind writing your EP and your songs in general? Do you write your own lyrics or what? How do you explain a lot of elements that are, in a way merging together on your songs into one beautiful song, what are your influences?

There is no specific process. I just make beats like everyday and if I’m really feeling one I try to sing over it. I don’t write lyrics, I just record a series of improvised takes and piece them together until it feels like a song.

You are playing at the Electronic Beats festival in Zagreb (November 8) (p.s. hope the visa thing will not happen again ), alongside Patrick Wolf and Erlend. Are you excited? Are you familiar with their work? (p.p.s. i’ll probs see you there)

Yes I should be playing and hopefully I don’t get denied of a visa this time. I’m familiar with Erlend Øye, big fan of his Kings of Convenience and Whitest boy Alive project. I’ve heard of Patrick Wolf. Old friend of mine used to listen to him all the time. Definitely excited.

What are your favourite acts at this moment? Who would you like to work with?

Lately I’ve been listening to the Pure X album Angel. I would like to focus on working on my own stuff for now but I’m open to working with anyone that wants to work with me. I’m always up for the challenge you see.

So we have this signature sign in a way where we ask everyone we interview to make Top 5 lists for different things. Soooo, your task is to tell me your Top 5 favourite movies, okay? 

Favorite films lately in no particular order: Buffalo 66, The Raid 1 & 2, Kotoko, The Wicker Man, El Topo.



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